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I will pay for the following essay Technology in humanity. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download file to see previous pages... Aga

I will pay for the following essay Technology in humanity. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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Again this machine is very critical in elaborating evolutions in technology. As per the inventor and his partner outlines the machine does not rely on physics laws but definitely depict careful application of principles accompanying the contemporary propulsion of cars. This piece of machine depicts a real evolution in technology and furthermore, the machine inclines more on the new invention as compared to development of an existing technology. Mentioning on the free energy, it attracts more demand than attention amongst the population globally. Many people are very sensitive concerning electricity since in some cases it constitutes a larger percentage of the budget. Similarly, in industries many power bills constitute largest amount on the expenditure and this is consequentially transferred to the costs of products covered by the consumers. Up to this point now there is a glimpse on the revolution of technology in addition to new inventions and their role to the global economy. The technology selected for evaluation in this report is anticipated to cause an absolute change in electric power and the overall energy throughout the world (Sarmento, 2010). The electrical generator that can provide free electricity (the Machine) Invention and Development This machine has been developed for a span of six years by John Crispin, a businessman and Leu Briks, an electrician. The inventors’ propositions about the machine have been endorsed by Steve Brasington who is an independent engineer. The machine is called s home generator because of its design, functionality and the most applicable place for its use. In this case the most critical feature in the name is “generator” simply because it is capable of producing power. However, the magnetic electrical generator is more than the information outlined about it. Operation of the Magnetic Electrical Generator The generator is started from a battery ignition or through a manual kick. The generator utilizes a capacitor that is charged by the car battery. According to John, the world’s electrical power is produced through capacitors that are equally charged by the rotating turbines. Once the generator is kick- started it can run for years without stopping. After the capacity is charged, it uses the charge to propel the motor that in turn produces power. According to John and Leu, the generator is capable of producing 24 kilowatts in one day. In simple deduction, it implies that the generator has the capacity to produce one kilowatt per hour, power that is equally sufficient to sustain domestic operations effectively. Principle Involved in Running the Machine According to Steve Brasington, the machine utilizes principles applied in car generation today but in a unique way. John also describes the machine’s operation to be similar to the operation of the car engine and imperatively, the car engine can be replaced by the generator. When Steve Brasington had the opportunity to highlight more about the machine, he explained that the technology on which the machine utilizes is extremely complex and can only be understood as revolutionary. The home generator applies the principles of magnetic attraction and repulsion for its movement. The magnets attracts and repels alternatively on opposite sides causing a harmonize movement of the rotor and this induces electric power beyond the fields.

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