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I will pay for the following essay The 9/11 terrorist attacks on World Trade Centre. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download file to

I will pay for the following essay The 9/11 terrorist attacks on World Trade Centre. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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The political ideology has taken the form of religious notion, and has emerged as vindictive agenda against the humanity, in the name of honour and obedience to god. The ideological differences between the ethnic groups and the polarization of the human society has deepened and flawed the social and political differences. the radial and fundamentalist groups are in the struggle for the imposition of their order internationally. The terrorist attacks and war on terror were reactive approach to each other. however these reactive measures have engulfed the society in state of confusion, fear and frustration.

The legal reforms have been introduced through the extent and possibility of terrorist attacks has been controlled. At the international forums like United Nations, NATO, EU and ASEAN. the member countries have pledged their firm resolution against the terrorist networks. The international community have clear understanding about taking concrete measures against militant groups, but these countries have however to declare the groups responsible for militancy and terrorism. With specific reference to certain countries, Tamil Tigers have been declared as terrorist outfit in Sri Lanka, however Indian government have supported Tamil Tigers diplomatically ad has resisted any move against Tamil Tigers network. The Indians have accused Jamat-ul-Islam as terrorist group responsible for Mumbai carnage. however Pakistani government has opposed such accusation against this group and have regarded Jamat-ul-Islam as social organization. The Israelis have fought battle against forces of Hezbollah, and have accused this group of involvement in several acts of terrorism. however the Lebanese and Arab countries have resisted any counter move against the forces of Hezbollah. Americans have been declaring Saddam regime as supporter of terrorist network, and attempted to establish relationship between Al-Qaeda and Iraqi government. but it was the Russian and Chinese administration which challenged and opposed any counter measure by American government for the oppression of network. The Americans have been accusing Iran of supporting terrorism in Iraq after expiration of Saddam's regime, but Russians have strongly reacted to such allegations, and have opposed any call for sanctions on Iran at Security Council - United Nations. The Arab League has condemned the atrocities and vengeance of Israeli government in Palestine, and with the support of China and Russia, has called upon United Nations to impose sanctions against Israel but it has been American government which has vetoed any embargo on Israeli government, and has on several forum justified the vengeance of Israel government.

Conflict of Interests: Concept of Late Modernity

Garland (2001) claimed that it is harsh reality that because of the conflict of interest, the governments have failed to evolve consensus against the terrorist outfits. The struggle of International forums against the terrorist groups is therefore ineffective, and complete success has never been achieved even after the lapse of eight years. The difference of interpretation among the member countries have given ample span to the terrorist networks to firm their network, and even after taking military action against the terrorist networks, the threat of terrorist attack is imminent globally.

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