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PDF: HUMA 4326 - Science and Medicine)

1-What did George I. Sanchez say about how Latinos and other minorities have been treated, according to quotes from medical historians?

2-Explain the specific situations and conditions that favored better opportunities and collaborative contact for U.S. and Caribbean scientists, especially Cuba and Puerto Rico.

3-How did the Mexican Revolution change American attitudes and policy toward Latinos and health conditions?  Give details of the daily delousing in El Paso in 1917?

4-How were health conditions and medical attention affected in the Mexican American community of San Antonio due to their being considered "colored" and not treated equally under the law?  

5-Who was Héctor Pérez García? (Write at least one paragraph or five lines.)

6-Who was Helen Rodríguez Trías? (Write at least one paragraph or five lines.)

7-Who was Mario Molina and what prize was he awarded in 1995?

8-In what way did the appearance of AIDS influence health campaigns and the creation of some organizations among Latinos? (Write at least two paragraphs or ten lines.)

9-Discuss three senior positions held by Latinos in U.S. health institutions. (Write at least two paragraphs or ten lines.)

10-How can one observe that Latinos have begun to establish themselves as professionals in the twenty-first century? (Write at least three paragraphs or fifteen lines.)

You can find additional information in this webpage: https://www.umhs-sk.org/blog/hispanic-heritage-month-latino-doctors-scientists-educators/Caribbean-Medical-Schools

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