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Ic interfacing

Applying 2.4V to a CMOS input (10-V power supply) is interpreted by the IC as

a(n)______(HIGH, LOW, undefined) logic level.

5. A “typical” HIGH output voltage for a TTL gate would be about _________3.5V

7. A “typical” HIGH output voltage for a CMOS gate (10-V power supply) would be


9. Applying 3.0V to a 74HCT00 series CMOS input (5-V power supply) is interpreted by the IC

as a(n)________(HIGH, LOW, undefined) logic level.

11. The 74ALVC series of logic ICs are modern _______ (CMOS, TTL) chips.

23. Refer to Fig. 5-47. If both families A and B are ALS-TTL, the inverter (can, may not be able

to) drive the AND gates.

25. Refer to Fig. 5-8(b). The _FACT CMOS____logic family has the lowest propagation

delays and is considered the _____(fastest, slowest).

27. Generally, ______(CMOS, TTL) ICs consume the least power.

29. The VDD pin on a 4000 series CMOS IC is connected to________(ground, positive) of the dc

power supply.

31. Refer to Fig. 5-12. When the switch is open, the _PULL-UP____ resistor causes the input

of the CMOS inverter to be pulled HIGH.

43. Refer to Fig. 5-25(b). When the input to the inverter goes LOW, its output goes______

(HIGH, LOW) which______ (turns off, turns on) the transistor allowing current to flow

through the transistor and piezo buzzer to sound the buzzer.

45. Refer to Fig. 5-27(b). When the input to the inverter goes HIGH, its output goes LOW

which_______(turns off, turns on) the NPN transistor; the coil of the relay is ______(activated,

deactivated), the armature of the relay______(clicks, will not click) downward and the

solenoid_______ (is, will not be) activated. 47. Refer to Fig. 5-28(b). If the input to the inverter goes HIGH, its output goes LOW

which_____(activates, deactivates) the LED, the phototransistor is_______(turned off, turned

on), and the output voltage goes_________(HIGH, LOW).

49. Refer to Fig. 5-28(d). This is an example of good design practice by using an optoisolator to

isolate the low-voltage digital circuit from the higher-voltage noisy motor circuit. (T or F)

51. A solid-state relay is a close relative of the optoisolator. (T or F)

63. Hall-effect devices such as gear-tooth sensors and switches are commonly used in

automobiles because they are rugged, reliable, operate under sever conditions and are

inexpensive. (T or F)

65. Refer to Fig. 5-50. Moving the magnet closer to the Hall-effect sensor increases the strength

of the magnetic field which causes the output voltage to _______(decrease, increase).

67. Refer to Fig. 5-51. If the IC is the bipolar 3132 Hall-effect switch, then the ______(N, S)

pole of the magnet will turn the device on while the _______(N, S) pole will turn the output

transistor off.

69. Refer to Fig. 5-50. The output of this device is _________(analog, digital) in nature.

71. Refer to Fig. 5-45. The BASIC Stamp 2________(Audio-amplifier, Microcontroller)

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