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I sent money for your response to:

ou were just hired as a Director for a small company who is looking to establish a Cyber Incident Response Team. The budget you were granted was $500,000. With the company’s objective and budget in mind, please do the following:

  • Develop an executive proposal (document, Powerpoint deck, etc.)
  • Define how many people you plan to hire and:
    • Skills you are looking for
      • Would they each have specialties or similar divided skills
    • What their salary would potentially be
      • Keep in mind the yearly salary is part of the 500k
    • Define how much you would allocate to yearly training
  • Detail a complete forensic lab and its costs
    • Provide room dimensions, furniture, hardware, etc.
    • Number of computers, monitors, keyboards, accessories, etc.
    • Forensic tools (commercial software licenses, write blockers, etc.)
    • Describe lab security (entrance, layered defense, evidence storage, etc.)

I did not get the full answer. The Forensic part is missing.

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