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Imagine you are either Walter Streeter or William Stainsforth. Write a letter to the other character explaining why YOU are not the “bad guy” (that is, the antagonist). Defend yourself, and explain

Imagine you are either Walter Streeter or William Stainsforth.  

Write a letter to the other character explaining why YOU are not the “bad guy” (that is, the antagonist).  Defend yourself, and explain why it is that you feel the way you feel.  

USE THE TEXT TO SUPPORT YOUR CLAIMS. That is, quote parts of the text as evidence of why you are either good or bad.  

You are not writing this as *you* but as one of the characters from the story; that means that you are limited to what the story says. You must stick to the facts of L.P. Hartley’s tale.  

For instance, if you chose to be Walter write, “Dear William, I have created you to be a bad character because you ARE a bad person. You have cheated and murdered your way through life, and are so much different, therefore, than me, who is gentle and well-liked…” Etc.  

Word length: approximately 500 words. 

Due Date: January 31, 2022 

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