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Implementing the Social 1 page

Case Study Analysis - Technology Planning and Implementation 

 Review the rubric for grading expectations and page length.   Cite your sources. 

 Referring back to the The Rock Insurance Company Case Study,  do the following: 

1.  Review the 12 steps (page 73)   associated with Implementing a Social CRM plan. Identify the biggest challenges for The Rock in implementing this plan.  On page 77 the author states that people are the biggest problems associated with implementing a plan.  From what you have learned and what you have experienced, why do you think he made this statement? 

2.  Address the following: Planning, implementation and people;   outline your approach to selecting a vendor for a software solution which would meet The Rock's needs. (Specifically review the questions and processes  on pages 92-110)  

3.  Define and analyze Business Processes and why they are important.   How do you evaluate the level of success in the implementation of the Social Media Strategy?  (contemplate, navigate, calibrate)

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