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in Description - will provide workhorse work to create the analyst paper (read the analyst role) will provide analyst example


Write up a 1 page explanation of why we use ANOVAS (why not just t tests) and why correlations are helpful to social scientists. Give an example from the SDA book of why ANOVAS were used rather than t tests. Explain. (ALL READY COMPLETED)The usual group rules apply! You are placed into groups of 3 to complete the short written weekly "Group Work" assignments.  There are 3 roles that each member must take; 1 role per group assignment.  You also must switch roles every week (so every student should take on every role twice).  Here are the roles; you decide amongst yourselves who will take on which specific role first.1. Leader: In this role, the student will lead a brief review to the other group members about the specifics of the assignment and what has to be done and by whom.  The leader gives deadlines of when work needs to be turned into him/her so that s/he can review it and make sure it looks good before formally submitting it.  The leader is ultimately responsible for the final product.2. Workhorse: The workhorse dives into the project and is responsible for the vast majority of the "work" for the assignment.  This may include: writing up a first draft of the assignment and crunching numbers.  This role is difficult, because it assumes the workhorse fully understands the concepts and assignments.  If s/he doesn't, it's the analyst's job to assist her/him.  Ultimately, the leader signs off on all work.3. Analyst: The analyst takes a critical look at the draft and work the workhorse has submitted and makes appropriate edits/asks appropriate questions.  The analyst is also responsible for writing up a "Group Work Analysis Report" where s/he evaluates the effectiveness of both the leader and the workhorse.  Included in the short report (at least one paragraph, but can be up to one full page) will be a number grade for the leader and workhorse using a scale from 1 "Very ineffective" to 5 "Very Effective".  The analyst will also add at least one full paragraph explaining his/her scores in the report.  This report is turned in as a separate document. 

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