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information system technology-101. project within the instructions


1.Under the Stars is a retail store that sells equipment for activities such as camping, hiking, and stargazing. You are developing a presentation for Under the Stars customers who want to learn to stargaze. To coordinate the colors in the presentation with the photos, change the theme colors to Violet.

2.On Slide 1 (âVIEWING THE NIGHT SKYâ), use Smart Guides to position the subtitle placeholder above the title placeholder as shown in Figure 1 on the next page.

Figure 1: Position for Placeholders

3.On Slide 2 (âSecond star to the right, and straight on âtil morning.â), left-align the title text paragraph.

4.With Slide 2 still displaying, insert and modify an audio file as follows:

5.With Slide 2 still displaying, arrange the text box and the picture as follows:

Figure 2: Position for the Text Box on Slide 2

6.On Slide 3 (âGETTING STARTEDâ), make the following changes to the content placeholders to draw attention to the bulleted list:

7.On Slide 4 (âCONSTELLATIONS: NORTHERN HEMISPHEREâ), insert a text box to identify the constellation as follows:

Figure 3: Position for the Text Box on Slide 4

8.With Slide 4 still displaying, apply the Fly In Entrance animation to the picture.

9.On Slide 5 (âPOPULAR CONSTELLATIONS: GEMINIâ), modify the animation on the picture on the left as follows:

10.With Slide 5 still displaying, apply the Disappear Exit animation to the group containing the picture and the arrow on the right.

11.On Slide 6 (âPOPULAR CONSTELLATIONS: LEOâ), add the Pulse Emphasis animation to the existing animation on the arrow.

12.With Slide 6 still displaying, for the picture on the left, change the duration of the animation to 1.00.

13.On Slide 7 (âSTARGAZING WITH A TELESCOPEâ), insert a video as follows:

14.Check the Spelling in the presentation to identify and correct any spelling errors. (Hint: You should find and correct at least one spelling error. Ignore proper nouns such as the names of constellations.)

In Slide Sorter view, your presentation should look like the Final Figure below. Save your changes, close the presentation, and then exit PowerPoint. Follow the directions on the SAM website to submit your completed project.

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