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Initial Post: Your initial post should be at minimum 250 words. Your initial post should be up by Thursday. In your post accomplish the following: Briefly state whether you think the results of

Initial Post: Your initial post should be at minimum 250 words.   Your initial post should be up by Thursday.    In your post accomplish the following:  Briefly state whether you think the results of your personality assessment were highly accurate, accurate, minimally accurate, or missed the mark.   Explain why you think that is.  You want to frame your response in terms of the content within Chapter 19.   In brief, the discussion focuses on categories and members of categories.   Note how the questions in the Getting Started Assignment are categories and the personality traits are categories as well.  What you don’t know is how those categories overlap.

For example, suppose you said you would feed the rabbit (this is the category of all who would feed a rabbit) and your personality test said you were willing to meet new people.  If you thought it was accurate explain why you think that is (and if inaccurate, explain why you think that is).


  1. What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is green because the Michigan State Spartans are my favorite college sports teams.

2. If you came across a rabbit in the woods on a winter walk, what would you do.  (a) ignore it (b) take a picture (c) attempt to feed the rabbit (d) attempt to catch the rabbit for food.

The answer to this question really depends on the situation I would be in. If I were just on a casual nature walk with my friends, I would just take a picture of the rabbit. Now if I were in a direr situation where I found myself lost and hungry in the woods, I would attempt to catch and eat the rabbit.

3. Do you prefer summer, fall, winter, or spring?

I prefer fall for a couple of reasons. First of those reasons being that hunting season is in the fall. The second reason I prefer fall is because the weather is not too hot and also not too cold, it is prefect outdoor weather.

4. What is your favorite number (if you don't have one, do you prefer 0, 7, 100,000, or 3.14)?

My favorite number is four and that is because while in school as a kid I was usually the fourth name on the class list so my assigned number was usually four. Since I always was assigned number four in school I considered it my lucky number.

5.How difficult is college compared to high school: (a) about the same (b) much easier (c) easier (d) hard (e) much harder

I believe that college is harder compared to high school and I base this on the amount of homework assigned and the expected quality of work for each assignment.

6. What is your favorite (kind of) restaurant?

                My favorite kind of restaurant is Mexican restaurants. This is because they always have great margaritas, the atmosphere is always enjoyable and when you eat in the restaurant it almost makes it feel like you really are in Mexico.


Your personality is a force to be reckoned with. You are curious and an individual always delving into new areas, but often quickly becoming bored and moving on, leaving unfinished projects in their wake. You are forthcoming and direct. You don't generally have hidden agendas or ulterior motives. If you find an area in which you are interested for a long period, you can become quite accomplished.In the workplace, you do well if you find jobs in which you can work on your own terms. You can function well under other people, however, as long as you also have some authority too.

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