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Instructions: Answer the following question below. answers should be typed, and submitted as a Word document, and where appropriate, cite your sources (including assigned readings and the textbook, bu

Instructions: Answer the following question below. answers should be typed, and submitted as a Word document, and where appropriate, cite your sources (including assigned readings and the textbook, but no need to cite class lectures).  You are welcome to consult additional academic sources (i.e. published articles and books, but NOT blogs, or encyclopaedias, including, but not limited to, Wikipedia, etc.)

Each answer should be approximately 1 page double spaced. 

Please be sure to answer all parts of the question. There is no extra credit for answering additional questions. 

no chatgpt, no plagiarism

1. What are the main characteristics of the Yamoto-e painting style? How does Yamato-ediffer from traditional Chinese painting? In which era did Yamato-e develop and why?What is the first example of this painting style?Your answer should refer to at least one named painting, noting the artist’s name.Using John T. Carpenter’s essay, “Learning the “Women’s Hand” in Heian Japna: KanaCalligraphy in Heian Japan,” describe the difference between kanji and kana. For whichtypes of writing and by whom would each be employed in Heian Japan?

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