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Integrative Paper include understand the concepts and some deeper thinking

 Analysis, the ability to integrate ideas and good writing skills are essential in higher order thinking. In this paper,

you will consider all concepts and theories discussed up to week five (chapter 1-6 ) in the class and integrate them into one document that demonstrates the following: 1.) you understand the concepts and 2.) you can link them together to show some deeper thinking about them.

 Begin by outlining all concepts we have learned and discussed up through week five. Prepare as

you would for a detailed essay exam. Then try moving the concepts around into a "mind map ". Other ideas include

simply starting with a series of summaries and noticing if the concepts and ideas bring about some related or new

ideas. Use those new ideas to organize your paper while still focusing on demonstrating your knowledge about the

concepts from the course. Turn in at least two documents representing your drafting process (e.g. a mind map,

concept summaries, "sense-making" document, outline, etc.). You can earn up to 5 points for this part of the paper.

The final paper should be about 4 pages long and written in APA format. Make sure to provide a reference list and

in-text citations for reference material used. You can earn up to 10 points for this part of the process. Please see

rubric below.

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