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Intended for Phylis Young Project management work

Answer the 5 questions below. Full and complete sentences are required when providing  answers.  

1.     *******Why would you apply Earned Value Analysis in a project?  What are you determining? 

2.     I******if I was analyzing a project, and considered Earned Value Analysis as a major tool for measurement, how would I determine how much I have “Earned” within a specific measurement period on the project?  State your answer and show the equation.  I have attached the digital textbook for reference

3.     ***** in respect to the dynamics of team development, where would I expect team members to finally develop comfort with the diverse characteristics and skill sets of their peers, and begin to work together 

4.     I*****in respect to risk, when determining your project’s schedule, what process will allow you employ to determine the total amount of time it will take to complete your project?  When not properly managing your schedule and you fall behind, what is affected?

5.     *****What are the two common types of risks you will consider when planning a project, and provide three examples of each?  How are you planning for them?  

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