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Intent or Motive, law homework help

Intent or MotivePart 1 own paper

For this discussion, you will researchand then discuss how or why we would not as a best practice investigateand even evaluate the psychological variables involved in all these casesversus the court order or defense- or prosecution-generated referrals?

Compare and contrast what constitutes pathologicaland requiring evaluation versus understood and not requiring evaluationfactors of this type of crime.

· Discuss the possibility that it might bedetrimental having a forensic professional involved in these type of cases. Whyor why not?

· Determine if the criminal justice systemaccounts for a crime that starts as domestic violence or assault and results indeath differently from a crime when killing is the primary intent of theinitial crime. Is your determination detrimental to the offender or to theprotection of society?

Support your ideas with professional andscholarly resources.

Part 2 own paper

· Describe briefly the charges against theindividual.

· Discuss the psychological theoriesrelevant to the case. For example, are there biological, developmental, orenvironmental factors that could be applied to his or her criminal behavior?

· Describe how psychological assessments orevaluations were used in the criminal proceedings.

Supportyour ideas with professional and scholarly resources.

Usingthis 3 links

Jeffrey Dahmer articles:

· Read Martens's 2011 article, "Sadism Linked to Loneliness: Psychodynamic Dimensions of theSadistic Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer<http://search.proquest.com.library.capella.edu/docview/902680821?accountid=27965>,"from Psychoanalytic Review, volume 98, issue 4, pages 493–514.

· ReadSaborsky and Ramsland's 2013 article, "DistanceDiagnosis: Can We Really Tell Whether Dahmer Had Asperger's Disorder?<http://search.proquest.com.library.capella.edu/docview/1439276256?accountid=27965>,"from Forensic Examiner, volume 22, issue 2, pages 42–48.

· Readthe 2014 article, "Serial Killers – Part 7:The FBI and Jeffrey Dahmer <https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2014/august/serial-killers-part-7-the-fbi-and-jeffrey-dahmer/serial-killers-part-7-the-fbi-and-jeffrey-dahmer>,"from The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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