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Interaction with the 4 Ps/7 Ps or the PLC

When evaluating a product or service to find out where it is in the PLC process, research the product or service.  When did it initially launch (for instance, when were TVs “born”)?  How did it reach the growth stage and how long did it take?  What were the successes and why?  How has competition affected the product or service during the mature stage?  If the product is declining should it be allowed to die out (why or why not)?  Should an extension strategy be developed (why or why not)?

Using the first letter of your last name, use the topic identified below:

  • G-L:  Ineffective interaction with the 4 Ps/7 Ps

First, reflect on the information in this module about your assigned topic.  Next, research this topic and find an example (such as a large business or a product/service you have personal experience with).  Finally, describe your example is the discussion area.  Assuming that your audience is new to your topic, be detailed and display critical thinking.


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