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Interview with Kyrie Irving

I have to write an interview, no plagiarism. The subject I want to do is Kyrie Irving from the Cleveland Cavaliers. I have at least 5 questions already, but I am not sure how to set it up.

You may choose a newspaper format and make the subject (the interviewee) the focus of the story, embedding direct quotes from the interview into the text of the article. Some examples:

Students: This article must be 500-750 words, written in paragraph form with embedded quotes. The analysis/commentary is the focus, with the interview proving your points. At least 50% of the text should be direct quotes. Include a single photo to enhance the article visually.

Write interview questions thatare open‐ended, focused, andshow depth of preliminaryresearch. Be flexible andappropriate in responding toanswers. Highlight between 7 to10 questions/responses in the presentation. Write commentary and analysisthat are clearly focused,insightful and entertaining.Have substantial analysis andcommentary in thepresentation. Create a presentation that isartful and complete, logicallyorganized, with an easilyidentified spin tone in thecommentary.

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