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Introduction to internet Assignment

The purpose of this laboratory exercise is to introduce you to several resources available to you on most computers. At the completion of this exercise, you will have

used the Internet to search for scientific information

used the online learning program (D2L) to submit an assigment

gained familiarity with Microsoft Word.  

Element to Study: Calcium

You will answer any 5 of the following questions using full sentences. 

Questions to Answer:

1) What is the origin of the name of the element; why is the element named what it is named?

2) Where was the element first found?

3) What use does the element have in nature?

4) What is the cost today to buy this element and in what quantity (pounds, grams, tons)?

5 )What is the toxicity or poisonous qualities of this element?

6) What is an important industrial use of this element?

7) What are some common compounds made with this element?

8) What color is this element in its natural state?

9) Is this element hard to find (rare) or is it easy to find (abundant) and where is this element most commonly found today?

10) What is the density of this element in its natural state? 

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