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Invasive Species

LP3 Assignment: Invasive Species

This assignment will assess competency 4. Analyze an ecosystem and the interactions between the components that make up an ecosystem.

Directions: Reread page 143 “Limiting Factors.” Respond to the following prompts:

Describe the characteristics of an invasive species. Research and provide a short summary of an invasive species that you find interesting, including the scientific name, a description, and the problems it has caused. Discuss where the invasive species originated and how it was relocated to a new area.

Review pages 148 and 149. Respond to the following prompts:

Describe how invasive species could be considered a limiting factor. Explain what type of limiting factor would it be (Intrinsic/Extrinsic and Density Dependent/Density Independent). Be sure to give your reasons why you have selected the type of limiting factor you decide on.

Please make sure answers are thorough, all references are cited, free from grammatical and spelling errors and plagiarism free.

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