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ios security guide

Page 4 Introduction

Page 5 System Security Secure boot chain System Software Authorization Secure Enclave Touch ID

Page 10 Encryption and Data Protection Hardware security features File Data Protection Passcodes Data Protection classes Keychain Data Protection Access to Safari saved passwords Keybags Security Certifications and programs Page 18 App Security App code signing Runtime process security Extensions App Groups Data Protection in apps Accessories HomeKit HealthKit Apple Watch

Page 27 Network Security TLS VPN Wi-Fi Bluetooth Single Sign-on AirDrop security

Page 31 Apple Pay Apple Pay components How Apple Pay uses the Secure Element How Apple Pay uses the NFC controller Credit and debit card provisioning Payment authorization Transaction-specific dynamic security code Contactless payments with Apple Pay Paying with Apple Pay within apps Rewards cards Suspending, removing, and erasing cards

3iOS Security—White Paper  |  September 2015

Page 38 Internet Services Apple ID iMessage FaceTime iCloud iCloud Keychain Siri Continuity Spotlight Suggestions Page 50 Device Controls Passcode protection iOS pairing model Configuration enforcement Mobile device management (MDM) Device Enrollment Program Apple Configurator Device restrictions Supervised-only restrictions Remote wipe Find My iPhone and Activation Lock Page 56 Privacy Controls Location Services Access to personal data Privacy policy Page 57 Conclusion A commitment to security

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