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Is there anyone that can help with an assignment from my NHS8040 class at Capella, Unit 9, Assignment 1?

Is there anyone that can help with an assignment from my NHS8040 class at Capella, Unit 9, Assignment 1?

Continue to draw from the gap, need, or opportunity for improvement identified in the leadership interview to complete Part 3 of the Project Charter Template.

In addition to completing Part 3, remember to revise Parts 1 and 2 based on instructor feedback from the previous assignments. You are also required to create and submit a data collection tool in Excel and submit as an appendix to your project charter. Refer to the helpful links in Resources as you complete your assignment.

The following requirements correspond to the criteria in the assignment scoring guide, so be sure to address each point:

  1. Analyze organizational or system strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) in relation to the selected project aim.
  • Support the SWOT analysis with contextual information specific to the organization or health care system.
  • Identify and rate major known risks (low, medium, high risk) that could be barriers to the project.
  • Explain major assumptions for the project, including a description of logistical constraints that may affect the fidelity of the project.
  1. Summarize pertinent ethical considerations that may be encountered during the project.
  • Address protected health information, HIPAA, human subject considerations, equitable care, and appropriate use of data.
  1. Describe the communication strategies that will be used during the project.
  • Specify how the project manager will communicate to the executive sponsor, project team members, and stakeholders, including frequency of status updates, project team meetings, and so on.
  • Include descriptions of any visual tools or processes that will be used in communication such as Gemba walks, Gantt charts, dashboards, or safety cross.
  1. List proposed outcomes and corresponding metrics to measure the outcomes.
  • Operationally define outcome measures.
  • Operationally define process measures.
  1. Describe the purpose and use of the data collection plan.    
  • Include a description of primary or secondary data, source, data integrity, and data security plan.
  • Attach a data collection tool in Excel appropriate for the data source and time frame for the project; include this as an appendix.
  1. Write coherently to support a central idea, using correct grammar, mechanics, and APA formatting.
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