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IT 280 Week 9 Final Project Computer Maintenance and Training Manual

This file IT 280 Week 9 Final Project Computer Maintenance and Training Manual contains overview to these tasks:

You are in charge of computer support at a major U.S. retailer. Business has been growing fast, and your company is about to open several new facilities across the country. Management has asked you to develop training materials for new IT employees at these facilities. After some consideration, you decide to create a computer maintenance and training manual that addresses certain issues.

Review the computer and components described in the Computer Hardware Simulator (CHS) on the student website.

Write a 350- to 700-word description on each of the following topics. Describe the installation and maintenance of each component. Include information about all of the subsections in your descriptions.


Environmental concernsPower protectionDust, static, and heat issuesDownloading unauthorized software

Maintenance and cleaning


Internal hardware installation and maintenance

MotherboardPower supplyProcessorMemoryHard drives

Basic principles for supporting I/O devices

Multimedia and mass storage devices

Installing a video cardInstalling a DVD drive

Compile your descriptions into a 5,250- to 8,750-word maintenance and training manual. The manual is not required to be in APA format. Images and photos may be included when necessary. Ensure that you do not violate any copyright laws with the use of photos or diagrams.

Post your Computer Maintenance and Training Manual as an attachment.

There are following parts:

Table of ContentsENVIRONMENTAL SAFETYPOWER PROTECTIONDUST, STATIC, AND HEAT ISSUESDOWNLOADING UNAUTHORIZED SOFTWAREMaintenance and CleaningInternal Hardware Installation and MaintenanceBasic Principles for Supporting I/O Devices
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