IT 286 Week 8 Assignment Lab ConfiguringToolwire Windows 7 Policies

This file IT 286 Week 8 Assignment Toolwire Lab Configuring Windows 7 Policies contains overview to this task:

Complete the assignment using the following instructions:

Log in to the student web page at

Click on this week’s course page, then click the link to the Configuring Windows 7 Policies Toolwire® lab. A new window will open with its description. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Lab Access to begin the lab.

Complete the lab.

Create a Microsoft Word document and paste a screen shot of the final page of the lab. To take a screen shot, press the Print Screen or Prt Scr key on the upper right hand corner of your keyboard, open your document, then press Ctrl + V.

Post the Microsoft Word document as an attachment.

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  • ** *** Week 8 ********** Lab ******************* ******* * ********
    Attached: IT 286 Week 8 Assignment Toolwire#U00ae Lab Configuring Windows 7#U00ae


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