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ITS 834 Emerging Threats and CountermeasuresTotal points - 100Midterm Research Paper- The paper is due on end of day Monday June 03Write a research paper on the topicCyber warfare and its implications

ITS 834 Emerging Threats and CountermeasuresTotal points - 100Midterm Research Paper- The paper is due on end of day Monday June 03

Write a research paper on the topic

Cyber warfare and its implications for the United States

Your research paper should be minimally 8 pages (double space, Font - Georgia with font size 12). The research paper needs to refer to the following source

  •   Kostyuk, N., and Zhukov., M., Y. (2019). Invisible Digital Front: Can Cyber Attacks Shape Battlefield Events? Journal of Conflict Resolution, 63(2)., 317-347. (pfd version of paper is uploaded to module 4 in d2l).

  •   In addition you need to have at least 5 peer reviewed journal/book references

    The research needs to minimally discuss the following

  •   The relevance of cyber warfare for the United States

  •   What are some examples of possible cyber warfare scenarios where critical infrastructure could be affected

  •   Emerging technologies that can be used for cyber warfare

  •   What does Kostyuk and Zhukov (2019) address mainly in their paper? Do you agree with Kostyuk and Zhukov (2019) that cyber-attacks are ineffective as a tool of coercion in war. Ensure to explain why or why not.

  •   Future implications of cyber warfare for the United States

    The bibliography should be included as a separate page and is not part of the 8 page requirement. Student assignments will be run through Safe Assignment. Please ensure to check the safe assignment result prior to submitting.

    You will have the chance to submit your assignment up to two times. So please submit earlier than the due date so you can check your safe assign score. If your safe assign score is more than 10-20 percent, you need to check your paper and make the needed updates and submit again. Text that are copied directly from outside sources without being in quotes is considered plagiarism. Please refer to the University’s academic integrity policy. If there is text in your paper from outside sources that are not referenced and in quotes, you will not receive a grade for the assignment and could be referred to the department.

http://cumberland.smartcatalogiq.com/en/2017-2018/2017-2018-Undergraduate- Catalog/Academic-Affairs/Academic-Integrity-Policy

The university of Cumberland library can be assessed at


The research paper should include the following components.

  •   Title Page (Not part of the minimum 8 page requirement)

  •   Abstract (quick overview in your own words of the entire content of your paper,

    limited to 200-350 words)

  •   Introduction (1-2 pages, relevance of cyber warfare for the U.S, example, possible


  •   Literature Review (2-4 pages, describes the research papers that you find in

    reference to the topic of cyber warfare, emerging technologies that can be used,

    the impact of cyber warfare)

  •   Discussion (2-3 pages) – (Your perspective on the topic of cyber warfare,

    implications for the U.S, critical perspectives and/or recommendations)

  •   Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs, This provides a final summary of your research


  •   Bibliography in APA format

    The following rubric will be used to grade your assessment

Evaluation Parameters

Percentage Weight

Did the student respond to the research topic


Did the student conduct sufficient literature review of the topic


Did the student provide relevant examples to support viewpoints


Did the student meet the content requirements of the assignment and discuss the key points identified in the question


Did the student provide a critical perspective on the topic


Did the student create a professional, well-developed report with proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and APA formatting




Please refer to the following for APA guidelines

https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_st yle_guide/general_format.html

for reference


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