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Java database program. Please do not waste my time if you do not know Java

Part 1

    1. Create a file with your name as the data (Use the name Precious Benz). Save the file using your first initial and last name as part of the file name. Include code to copy the file. Check if the file exists first and throw a message if the file already exists. Include code to read the file using a data stream. Display the file's data on screen.
    1. Using JFileChooser, build a dialog box to open and save files. The dialog box should allow you to browse directories and type in a file name. You need to consider what you will do with the file once you open it and code accordingly.

Part 2

Database Access

The objective of this assignment is to allow you to work with JDBC via an ODBC-connected Access database.

Your first task for this assignment is to locate and set up the "exampleMDB.mdb" file in the supplemental chapters section of the CD-rom that came with your Liang text. Copy this file to your hard drive. Next, create an ODBC connection to this database called "assignment8".

Next, create a simple Java program that connects to this database using JDBC. Your program should then query this database's "student" table and display a list of all the students' names in alphabetic order (based upon last name).

If you implement your program correctly, this is the output you should see:

Rick R. CarterFrank E. JonesJoy P. KennedyToni R. PetersonJosh R. SmithJean K. SmithGeorge K. SmithJacob R. SmithJohn K. StevensonPatrick R. StonemanJosh R. Woo

Please do not waste my time if you do not know Java

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