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Write journals on the following topics:

  1. Describe the factors that combined to make the United States a mature industrial society after the Civil War.
  2. Discuss how the West was transformed economically and socially in this period.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the Gilded Age political system in meeting its goals.
  4. Illustrate how the economic development of the Gilded Age affected American freedom.
  5. Describe how reformers of the period approached the problems of an industrial society.
  6. explain the origins and significance of Populism.
  7. Explain how the liberty of blacks gave way to legal segregation across the South after 1877.
  8. Examine how the boundaries of American freedom tightened during this period.
  9. Explain the emergence of the United States as an imperial power in the 1890s.
  10. Explain why the city was so central a place for the progressive movement in the United States.

Journal  instructions

Each separate entry should: 

o   contain a minimum of 120 words.

o   consist of a summary, paraphrase, and synthesis of material you are reading/studying in this course.

o   be written in your own words - do not quote the work of others verbatim.

o   discuss the subject matter that you are studying - do not simply agree/disagree.

·       Your study involves, first and foremost, learning the nation's past; doing so requires a review of previously published studies, so you are encouraged to conduct research using outside resources, but be sure to draft your journal entries in your own words. 

o   Direct quotations should not be used; citations are not necessary.

o   Do not copy/paste information from any source.

o   No citations

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