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Judy Blume's career as an American writer spans f

Judy Blume's career as an American writer spans four decades and includes many literary awards. She is most famous for her novels geared toward pre-teens. One notable example is Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing. However, Blume also has had success writing for an adult audience. Three of her novels for adults reached the New York Timesbest-seller list. In a 2008 interview Blume remarked, "I have so many stories left to tell!" By that time she had written nearly 30 novels. Judy Blume is an exceptionally talented and productive American author.

Which sentence could be added to further support the main idea in this paragraph? (5 points)

Averaging a book a year, Blume's many works have been sold around the world.

Critics of Blume's stories say that most of her works are better suited for adults.

Whenever Blume publishes a new story, she gives an interview to the media.

Many of Blume's stories focus on women or girls as the main characters.

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