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Kim Woods

Unhealthy Boundaries

For week 5 you will write a 5-6 page paper on the following:1. A client/patient comes to see you for therapy and says that he/she is burned out and angry.  Explain how you would help this client/patient see that these are key signs of unhealthy boundaries. 2. Explain how the following are signs of a counselor having poor boundaries:

  • Cynicism towards those being helped.
  • Perception of being unequally or unjustly treated.
  • Emotional exhaustion.

3. How would you counsel and assist a client in establishing healthy boundaries?4. Provide one or more scholarly citations per page, not including assigned course readings, to support your perspectives.

Point Value of this Written Assignment: 16This Assignment aligns with the following weekly outcomes: 5This Assignment aligns with the following course outcomes: 3 and 7
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