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Kim Woods " Information Systems" " Training and development "

*Cloud Profitability*

In a one-to two -page paper (250-400 words), discuss whether or not there are cost benefits to cloud computingusing specific examples. Be sure to include at least

three reference sources.

APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources.

    *To follow,will be questions that are seperate from the paper above.*

                             (information systems)

  1.)Explain what an information silo is and discuss the fundamental problems of information silos. Close the discussion by explaining how this problem can be remedied.  (200 word)

2.)Explain what is meant by CRM and explain the primary purpose of a CRM system. Use examples to support your answer  ( 200 word)

T                                        (Training and Development)

3.)Discuss why it is important to evaluate training. Which evaluation is more important: summative or formative? Explain why you chose that evaluation type using specific examples to support your answer.    (500 word)

4.)Explain a lesson plan. Describe the different types of information found in a detailed lesson plan. Include in your discussion a design document and its usefulness.   (500 word)

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