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Kurdish Regional Government

In this activity, we want you to show how well you know the country which was assigned to you and its need for security moving forward. You will be addressing the security of your assigned nation to potential partners or lenders. What strategy do you propose to address issues and concerns based on your research.

You will create a power-point presentation with voice over which you will share with your colleagues and which will show your ability to analyze the socio-economical elements which describe a nation and its need for security. I encourage you to keep it to 20 slides at the most and will include speaker notes. Please make it visually appealing and interesting so that your colleagues can stay engaged without missing important information regarding the country you represent. You will submit the PPT through a drop box for your instructor to assess. You will also submit your PowerPoint via a discussion board link to share with your peers. 

Issues to address in your PowerPoint presentation:

  • First, introduce yourself and your country. What are its issues and what are its people like?
  • Next, you will address the threats as assigned
  • Finally, imagine that you must seek help for your country either financially or militarily. Imagine you must address a potential lender or ally. The presentation should outline what strategy you created and how they can help.

Guidelines to create a voice-over for your presentation:

  • After you have created your PowerPoint presentation, you are ready to record your audio. Write a script for your oral presentation that is between 4 and 5 minutes in length. Remember, if it is on the slide, you have to talk about it.
  • Next, you can add the audio (from the script) to your PowerPoint presentation. The following Microsoft resources will help you develop a PowerPoint presentation and add voice over audio:
  • Make sure that your audio is embedded in your PowerPoint presentation, so that when your instructor clicks through each slide of your presentation, they will hear the accompanying audio. This project should not be submitted as two separate files.
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Click here to download attached files: Socio-economic Elements describing a Nation's needs for Security (Revised).pptx
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