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Lab question and one discussion

There are three Lab questions and one discussion(100~200 words), you should answer each questions in each lab. I am more prefer photos of each lab! Thank you very much!

Discussion question

Carefully read all of the previous posts from your fellow students.  If all compounds have already been chosen AND named correctly – do NOT repeat them.  Obviously you will have to be one of the first 4 to get in here for that option!  Instead – do a little web surfing and find out more about one of those compounds – what is it used for?  Is it found naturally or manmade?  Where is it found?

Be careful not to just restate what has already been posted.  If the information requested has already been thoroughly discussed – then do a little more web surfing on the subject and see if you cannot come up with some new interesting information to share with your classmates.  Be sure to check back into the discussion boards and see if anyone has commented on your posts or asked questions you can answer.  The more interaction you have with your fellow students and with your instructor – the more successful your discussion posts for this session. 

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