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Language and meaning(film respond)

To enliven your praxis orientation of our study of language and meaning, we will view two films throughout the semester that demonstrate theories, practices, concepts, issues and ideas that emerge in our readings.

• You are expected to write a 5-6 page response to 2 of films of your own choosing. 

• Responses must include a clear connection to select theories, practices, concepts, issues and ideas that emerge from our study of language and meaning by incorporating material of your own choosing from the readings and lectures.

• Your first paragraph must work to frame the entire discussion. The framing paragraph will tell the reader what to expect by introducing the theories, practices, concepts, issues and ideas that you intend to connect to the film.

• You will use MLA style for all in-text citations and the Works Cited page.

• For MLA formatting and style guide see: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/557/01/

• I suggest watching the films with your classmates. You can make these arrangements via email with your peers or by making an announcement in class.

• Lastly, I am intentionally giving you a lot of time to write the papers. Thus, not being able to find a film is not a valid excuse for late papers. (See me as necessary).

The films in order are the following (please note that I have given you ample time to locate these films):

The Breakfast Club(this is necessary,then you can choose Frozen or The King's Speech)


The King’s Speech

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