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Latin America (Only for the_ideas)

Make sure that you use evidence/facts from the readings provided .

Please be generous with the reader. Do not assume that I know what you writing about.

750-900 words per question


It should have an introduction (explaining what the essay is about, your argument and how you are organizing the essay-road map), a body (where you develop your argument or ideas and provide evidence) and a conclusion.

Your essay must be clear, organized and focused. You must present provide historical information to support your argument.

Question 1

1. Analyze the dictatorship of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo in the Dominican Republic. Your essay must include the reasons for the coming to power of the dictator, the evolution and main characteristics of this regime as well as the reasons for its end. Please take into consideration economic, political, and social aspects for each stage of these governments.

Question 3

3. As a member of a delegation of the United Nations visiting El Salvador, you have to write a report evaluating the peace process. Your report must address the following points: a) what are the main historical stages and who are the main actors (national and international) of the peace process, b) what are the most important agreements (mention as many as you can), c) how would you evaluate the results of the peace process. Please use the readings and lecture notes as sources for your report. In answering this question, you must read the articles by Stahler-Sholk and Cruz.

Question 4

4. What have been the changes and continuities since the transition to democracy in El Salvador until the present? Please take into consideration political, judicial, military, economic and social factors. In answering this question, you must read the articles by Wood, Wolf, Colburn and Colburn and Cruz.

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