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LAW 531 Week 1 DQs

This archive file of LAW 531 Week 1 Discussion Questions shows the solutions to the following problems:

DQ 1:

As we begin our study of law in the business environment, let us think about how the business managers and the lawyers work together to assure that the organization benefits from the law. For this DQ, (1) select a business activity or issue that has not already been selected by other students and (2) select a business or industry with which you are familiar. For that business activity in that industry or company, discuss how business managers apply the law that is relevant, and under what circumstances lawyers should become involved.

For example, if you are manager of a fast food restaurant, one of the things you will be concerned about is that the business not doing anything that would harm customers. What types of injuries can occur to customers in a fast food restaurant that could create a legal liability for the organization? What role does the manager play in preventing or minimizing the injuries, and when would it be appropriate to call in an attorney?

You can also select other activities such as employment and discrimination, entering into business contracts, government regulations, paying taxes, and buying and selling goods and services for the business. The businesses you could select might include fast food restaurants, colleges, car repair businesses, apartment complexes, insurance companies, cell phone providers, or any number of other good businesses. In your comments, be sure to identify the type of business, and the issue that you are discussing. It would be like “Cell phone providers - customer contracts”. Be sure to support your discussion with relevant references from the text or other sources.

DQ 2:

Identify a business or personal dispute with which you are familiar. It might be a car accident, or a lease dispute, a phone contract or a divorce. Provide some brief explanation of what happened, then discuss what legal issues were presented, and how they were resolved. Identify the stakeholders in the dispute, and what alternatives were available as possible outcomes. Was the outcome the best possible? Why or why not?Support your discussion with material from the text or other sources, where appropriate.

What is one way the U.S. legal system impacts U.S. businesses? How do specific aspects of the U.S. legal system contribute to furthering commerce? What would happen if that characteristic were not present in the legal system? Avoid discussing topics already considered by other students.

Reflect on the traditional litigation system (such as suit, answer, discovery, trial, or jury). What are the risks that businesses and other organizations encounter when dealing with traditional litigation, and what measures can business managers take to reduce exposure to those risks?

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