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law practice management 12-15 P (Writing a career plan)

Because this assignment is very specific to the authors career plan..I will defer to you to prepare an appropriate business plan..however use the following guidelines...I am an international student so I am just completing my LLM. For purposes of this paper we can assume that I will enroll in a JD program next year and take the bar after I graduate..You can pick any legal pathway in any practice area to write the business plan just follow the professor's instructions. For purposes of the paper we can assume that I will remain in US to work after getting my JD.

However please remember since I am not a citizen I may be precluded from a legal pathway that involves working for the state. So try to stick to a private sector work plan like a law firm or in house at a company.

Also although the instructions  say to start a time line starting from this semester please incorporate 3 years for JD study into the business plan.

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