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The leadership process that describes how a group operates in an open system with other groups is called A theory that emphasizes leader traits and skills as determinants of leadership behavior is best categorized at what level? Most of the leadership theory and research explaining the actions of leaders and why those actions occurred has described Which statement about transformational and charismatic leadership is most accurate? Effective transformational leaders A contingency theory of leadership that depends on specific procedures for leader behaviors and has strong support is Which characteristic of negative charismatic leadership is more likely to lead to failure? One unique characteristic of followers in leadership theory is Most leadership theories emphasize Distant charismatics are often described in terms of their effect on follower Charismatic leaders add followers by CEOs who exhibit charismatic characteristics were noted to Which statement comparing transformational and charismatic leadership is most accurate? Transformational behavior can include Contingency theories may be difficult to implement because What level of leadership process is emphasized in most theories of effective leadership? A contingency theory that contains mediating variables is Which of the following is a characteristic of a positive charismatic? A leadership contingency theory that stresses the intelligence and experience of the leader is Ideological leaders will develop when the leader The concept that some people are natural (born) leaders is an attribute of which leadership approach? A theory that explains the most effective pattern of leadership behavior in a specified situation is best classified as
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