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Leadership class research paper

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Due by 1 June in the morning which is approx 40 hours left.

An 8-page double spaced leadership research paper (APA format). You may choose the topic. Subject matter is deliberately left flexible. The topic should relate to leadership and may be library and/or experiential data based.

This paper will be evaluated according to the following criteria: Quality of analysis, clarity and logical flow of ideas, integration of theory and concepts from class discussions and readings, adherence to APA format, and overall quality of the paper (i.e., syntax, grammar, etc.). Specifically, the percent of each grade will be based upon:

1. Overall writing (including clarity, thoughtfulness, flow, quality of analysis) (50%)

2. Inclusion & appropriate use of supporting reference material, including APA format (25%)

3. Course-relevant learning achieved and demonstrated (25%)

A particularly heavy emphasis will be placed on the integration of ideas, the application of theory to problem situations, and the articulation of the various models and paradigms included in both the reading material and the lectures.

I attached the class syllabus for your reference. Hopefully you can relate some theories to the paper.

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