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For the next phase of your project, you will prepare a taxonomy that best categorizes the leadership theories you have reviewed.

Assume this will serve as a reference to quickly identify and explain the differences in perspectives about leadership.

Prepare this taxonomy in a table format with the first cell in each row identifying the Leadership Theory such as "situational leadership theory" and the columns defining appropriate distinctions traits between the varying theories.

Hints: Rows are horizontal flow (left to right). Columns are vertical (up and down). In the first cell in each row identify the Leadership Theory (first column: left side running down). The other 3-4 columns are your choice. Anything you can compare or contrast between the theories (variables) will work! Advantages and disadvantages could be 2 ideas. To inset a table in Word, click Insert - Table!

After you have completed this task, describe the best leader you have ever been exposed to. Consider the follow questions:

What traits did they possess? What skills did they own? What tactics did they employ? Describe why these are necessary for you as a leader. What theories of effective leadership would help explain why you might believe this individual is the "best leader" you have been exposed to? What ideal leadership behaviors were exhibited? What theory describes these behaviors? Which guidelines for leadership can you glean from this example? APA STYLE WRITTEN IN FIRST PERSON BOOK INFORMATION: Leadership in Organizations Eighth Edition BY Gary Yukl University of Albany State University of New York CHAPTER 7

Situational Leadership Theory

How adaptable are you? Can you change your approach to leadership based on the emotional maturity of the people you are leading and the details of the task? Authors and researchers Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard developed the Situational Leadership Theory to explain that effective leadership varies with the person's maturity level and the task that needs to be accomplished.

This assignment is based on being an office manager

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