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Length: Approximately 3 pages or 750-800 words (double-spaced, standard margins and 12-point font). If you want, you can download a pdf file of these instructions here: Cine-Probe # 2 - Cinema 10, Sum

Length: Approximately 3 pages or 750-800 words (double-spaced, standard margins and 12-point font).

If you want, you can download a pdf file of these instructions here: Cine-Probe # 2 - Cinema 10, Summer 2020.pdf

Note: Because of the “condensed” nature of Summer sessions, I am providing you with a specific topic to write about for this activity (for some students choosing a topic can take quite a bit of time). However, if you want to write about some other cinema-related topic (whether we covered in in this class or not), you are free to do so. Just make sure you select a topic that you can deal with in a clear, concise way (i.e., do not pick an overly-general topic like “women in film” or “the history of silent movies,” as those are too broad to cover in any meaningful way in a short essay).

General Instructions

If we want to improve our society, we must look at ways we can improve diversity, representation, and participation in film, television, and other modern media. Fortunately, there are many organizations that are working to do just that.

To end the Summer on a positive note, you will explore one of these organizations and report on the ways that they are creating positive social change through media activism or cultural advocacy.

A list of organizations dedicated to creating change in media is attached to the bottom of these instructions. You may choose one of these organizations, but you are not limited to the ones on this list.

You are encouraged to find a group that interests you (whether it is on the list below or not) – and that you would potentially support or work with (e.g., if your own politics are more conservative you might want to report on a group like the Media Research Council, while if your politics tends towards liberal or progressive, a group like Media Alliance might be of more interest to you).


Organize your report using the following sections:

Introduction:  Organization’s name, mission, or objective. Identify the group you selected and give the URL for its web site. State the organization’s mission or key objectives. You can quote directly from the group’s mission statement, if it has one. Be sure to put such material in quotation marks if you are quoting it directly.

Overview: What the organization has done and is doing now. The main body or bulk of your report will describe the group’s work generally, and also give specific examples of the kinds of activities it engages in, specific successes it has had, current projects or projects being planned for the future, resources it provides, etc.  You can also describe how the group came into existence or why it was formed (if that information is available). Finally, point out what you like best about the web site, and/or things you think could be improved.

Engagement: How to get involved. To conclude your report, provide one or two paragraphs of specific information on how you and others in this class could become involved with this organization (e.g., becoming a member, contributing content to the web site, volunteering, signing up for newsletters or liking their Facebook page, etc.).

In general, Sections 1 and 3 should not be more than 1-2 paragraphs each. Most of your report will consist of Section 2.

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