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Let us know if you got a helpful answer. Rate this answer Question: Submit SumBigInts. Submit SumBigInts.

Let us know if you got a helpful answer. Rate this answer

1. Submit SumBigInts.java with a main method plus at least three other methods that help you solve this assignment in a well structured form.

2. Define "interactive" in the text as interacting with input from a File as used in test code below. So the provided main() below MUST work.

3. Use MAX_DIGITS to determine the length of int[ ] arrays. I will change this upon testing. Maybe just start with code provided below:

4. Don't forget // comments, indents, etc:  Program Submission Requirements

java.io.*; java.util.*; { MAX_DIGITS = ; FileNotFoundException {Scanner input = Scanner( File());processFile(input);} ...}

Please give the comment if you can that make me easier to understand

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