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Lisa Ogden amp;lt;mp;gt; From: Hung Tran Date: October 8, 2017 Subject: Information on business etiquette and customs in...


Your company, UniTexas Enterprise, has won a contract in (country name)*. The senior product manager, Lisa Ogden, is flying there next week to negotiate the contract. She will spend three days in that country. She has asked you for information on the business etiquette and customs in that country so that she can communicate effectively during the international client meeting.

Your Task

Your job is to research business etiquette and customs in your assigned country. Consider the cultural dimensions discussed in class to address some of the following key issues: 

  • social customs
  • clothing and food preferences
  • political patterns
  • religious and social beliefs
  • economic and business institutions
  • ethics, values, and laws

Write n email describing the business etiquette and customs Lisa Ogden should be aware of. Include any advice you may have for her. Follow these steps to compose your message:

  1. Define your purpose and desired outcome before analyzing your audience to choose the appropriate tone.
  2. Find information about your assigned country. Evaluate the information you find online to make sure it is accurate.
  3. Use process writing to compose a message with a main idea and supporting information that is grouped logically. Include relevant information only, and cite the source of your information.
  4. Use the principles of business writing to deliver a message that is professional, clear, concise, and free of grammatical and mechanical errors.
  5. Submit your assignment on Blackboard.

You will be graded with the Professional, Clear, and Concise Rubric, which is available on Blackboard.

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