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List 10 financial, digital technology, business and/ or technical skills which you have that will assist to take advantage of your business...

3.    For those skills which you do not have, list how you could research and develop those skills.

4.    Assume you hope to open a personal lifestyle business providing personal training and dietary advice. You have budgeted for costs totalling $9,000 comprising:

a.    Energy bars $1,000.

b.   Water $2,000.

c.    Tracksuits and t-shirts $1,500.

d.   Running shoes $1,000.

e.    Weights $3,000.

f.     Gym membership $500.

Your research has indicated that next year, the cost of food items is likely to increase by 2% and clothing and footwear will increase by 4%. The cost of fitness equipment will increase by 1.5% but, due to increased competition in the area, the cost to use a gym will decrease by 2%. In addition, the council is planning to introduce a yearly fee of $450 for personal trainers using council facilities such as parks.

How much is it likely to cost you to run the business next year?

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