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Looking for ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP with (Biblical Aspect) EXPERT

I have 2 papers that need to be done asap.  One paper is already late and the other is due soon.  Here is the first prompt:  HAS TO BE ORGANZIATIONAL LEADERSHIP EXPERT/PROFESSIONAL/ (BIBLICAL STUDIES BACKGROUND WOULD BE A PLUS.)

Paper 1

Project 2: Interview Followers (intv)

The main purpose of the project is to determine "what followers want from leaders."  To address this central qualitative research question, you will conduct interviews of five (5) employees from different multicultural organizations, located in your country of residence.  Collect and code the interviews in order to identify themes that emerge. Include the qualitative method section in the paper. Analyze and discuss each theme that you identify from interview responses as part of your findings. Then, compare and contrast your findings from current leadership literature, including global and cross-cultural studies. Based on the evidence you develop, what can you suggest to leaders?

Identify and include Biblical principles relating to Christian and ethical leadership. Lastly, attach all original interview transcripts and coding upon submission.

For your interview protocol, include this required template statement:

“This is Professor (first and last name) and I personally endorse the data collection efforts of (student name) as part of a course project for (course code and title). I have reviewed and approved the interview questions. If you wish to contact me please do so at (email address).”

Format: Expected length is about 10 pages (double space), excluding attachments; APA style. 

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