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Looking to get these 2 exercises completed. On the 1 attached, she wants us to show work.

Each of the following statements can be rewritten as a conditional, a conjunction, a disjunction, or a negation. Select the option(s) that apply to the specific statement. For example the first statement is a conditional, but there is also a negation. Translate each statement using the appropriate symbols. Place your answers in the correct dropbox no later than March 26th.

1. If humans have souls, then they are not animals. (For example use H to stand for 'humans have souls' and A to stand for 'animals'.)

2. If racism continues, then American society will suffer.

3. Either Roberto is wise or he is foolish.

4. Eleanor will go to the party and so will Jack.

5. Latrell will not go to the grocery today.

6. If Katrina gets an A in her last class, then she will get a scholarship for college.

7. Las Vegas is in Nevada and many people visit it.

8. Either Polly will play tennis or Emmett will.

9. Either same-sex marriages will be legally recognized or homophobia will continue.

10. Kevin can dribble well and dunk a basketball.

11. Terrell is in Michigan only if he is in Detroit.

12. It is not true that both Miranda and Althea will go to the party.

13. The Anteaters would have won if Billy had not dropped the ball.

14.  Fred was a gifted dancer though he was also very hard on himself.

15.  You can say that to him but you might regret it later.

16. Either Marcel or Hans or Claude will get the job.

17. Bozo is tall, red-haired, and a clown.

18.  Unless you shape up you are going to get in big trouble.

19. If this figure is a square, then it has four sides and four right angles.

20. If Jackson Lake is not in Colorado, then it must be in either Wyoming or Utah.

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