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M1D2 :

M1D2 : War on Drugs

It is important to understand the history of drug use and drug policy in the United States, in addition to the global implications of our policies, in order to evaluate these policies and laws. Review the effects of the "war on drugs," both in the U.S. and from a global perspective.

One of the most well-known policy approaches to address the drug problem in the United States has been the "war on drugs" declared by President Nixon in 1971. Review the drug control efforts following this declaration and through the year 2000 that are outlined in your text.

This activity addresses module outcomes 1 & 2. Upon completion of this activity, you will be able to:

  • MO1: Discuss the evolution of drug use and regulation in American society. (CO1)
  • MO2: Identify how social interpretations of drugs use have changed over time. (CO1)

Respond to the following:

  • How did the "war on drugs" influence subsequent drug control policy in the United States?
  • Upon reflection of the costs and consequences of this drug war, was this an effective approach to dealing with the country's drug problem?+
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