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MAGGIE K discussion

For this discussion, we will consider the responsibilities imposed on senior executives by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. In addition to certifying the accuracy of the financial statements filed with the SEC, executives are responsible for assessing and articulating their internal control procedures for ensuring the accuracy of the documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

First PostFor your discussion, in one paragraph, convey your thoughts on the following:

  • The significance of senior executives certifying that all documents filed with the SEC are accurate and thorough
  • The impact of senior leadership describing their methods for ensuring that their financial statements are accurate
  • The impact on the investment community if this act were eradication

Reply PostIn your reply to a classmate's post, offer a different viewpoint regarding Sarbanes-Oxley Act's impact on corporate senior leadership. Alternatively, expand on their post's position regarding the act, particularly the impact on the investment community if the act was repealed. Be sure to include your reasons for your viewpoint.

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