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Magical Realism

It is said that someone who reads a work by Gabriel Garcia Marquez for the first time might have trouble taking it seriously. What do you think is meant by this statement? Were there descriptions or images in "Death Constant Beyond Love" that you had a hard time believing? What were they? Name one such image you encountered in your reading and describe your reaction to it. How is the image and your reaction in this case different from what you might have experienced reading Kafka or the Dada-Surrealists? Formulate your answer in 1-2 pages. Also, keep in mind the definition of magical realism and how it is different from these other literary forms.

Please note as you are preparing this assignment to follow APA formatting styles and standards. Be sure to include a cover page, essay format that includes an introduction, body discussion and conclusion. For more information on APA please refer to the APA Citation Online Academic Guide located in the Resource tab.

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