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make a parameter query for the Sales Department table.

  1. Open the New Book Sales file attached to this document and save the database as New Book Sales Database.
  2. make a parameter query for the Sales Department table. adding the Employee ID, Last Name, First Name, and Title fields to the query grid. Since each field in the table will be included in the query, think of a quick way to put each field in the query grid.
  3. Enter a prompt in the Title field that will prompt the user to enter a title for a group of employees.
  4. Sort the query in ascending order by the Last Name field, and then add another sort in ascending order to the First Name field.
  5. Save the query as Qry-Employees by Title.
  6. Run the parameter query using Sales Rep as the criterion. Adjust the column widths if necessary.
  7. Save and close the query and the database file and submit to your assignment folder.

As the new database administrator for the Revelation Sales Corporation, you decide to automate the Coastal Sales database to make it easier to use and to prevent unwanted changes. 

  1. Open the Revelation Sales file and save it as Revelation Sales Database.
  2. make a Navigation form for the Main Menu that will include the Navigation - Forms Menu and the Navigation - Reports Menu.
  3. Change the tab titles to read Forms Menu and Report Menu.
  4. Change the title of the Main Menu navigation form to read Main Menu and save the form as Navigation - Main Menu.
  5. Change the startup options so that the Navigation - Main Menu form appears when the database is opened.
  6. Set the startup option to hide the Navigation pane and all but the File and Home tabs on the Ribbon when the database opens.
  7. Close the database and then reopen it to make sure all the features are working correctly.
  8. Save and submit the database to the Access Assignment folder.
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