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Make and state any reasonable assumptions for each of the 2 problems described below. Treat each problem separately. Do not assume the problem away!...

Consider the following task report for Speedy Lawn Care Service.

ClientName |  ClientAddress | ServiceType | Cost($) | Technician Name | Vehicle Ident. #

Kim Jones      Worthington          Mowing          25.00             Carlos                        L2

John Smith         Dublin               Mowing         75.00              Fred                           L3

John Smith         Dublin               Aeration         120.00           Fred                          L3

John Smith         Dublin               Fertilizing        75.00           Albert                         L4

Barbara Wentz  Worthington       Mowing          50.00            Carlos                         L2

Charles Lee       Hilliard              Mowing          60.00             Louie                       LT1

Heinz Schmidt    Powell              Aeration          255.00           Louie                      LT1

Carrie Fisher      Columbus         Fertilizing        45.00             Gina                         T25

James Count       Dublin              Mowing           60.00             Sam                          L21

Assumptions: The task report is for a particular day or week. Client Name is okay as multivalued

attribute for this problem.

Identify Relation in equation form and 1NF dependency

diagram2 (repeat table with all fields filled in … see Figure 6.3 in the text for an example of a 1NF dependency diagram):

Identify Primary Key(s):

Identify Partial Functional Dependencies (A partial functional dependency exists when one or

more nonkey attributes are functionally dependent on part [but not all] of the primary key.) :

Covert to 2NF by removing Partial Functional Dependencies and show in 2NF table structures

and dependency diagrams [see figure 6.4 in the text for an example of 2NF table structures and

dependency diagrams] (If a relation is in first normal form and every nonkey attribute is fully

functionally dependent on the primary key, the relation is said to be in 2NF):

Identify Transitive Dependencies (Transitive dependencies are those where there exists a

functional dependency between two [or more] nonkey attributes) :

Convert to 3NF by Removing Transitive Dependencies and show in 3NF tables structures and

dependency diagrams [see figure 6.5 in the text for an example of3NF tables structures and

dependency diagrams] (A relation is in 3NF if it is in second normal form and no transitive

dependencies exist.).

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