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Management Assignment: Individual Integrated Case Analysis Walmart

We are required to analyse Walmart company. To analyse Walmart, we have to combine three theories(I attached powerpoint of theories). There are more than three theories in the slides, but we just need to choose three of them. When applying these theories, each theory needs three exact examples(company operation, culture or value) to support it. The case analysis example is attached. Other requirements are showed as following.

Management Integrative Case Guidelines

The written integrative case analysis should be:

a)    typed, double-spaced, eleven (11) pages.

b)    use MLA format.

c)    Do Not use Wikipedia as a resource.

Overview of paper

o   The First page should be an Executive Summary which outlines the observations of the organization.  The following sections should address these topics   (use the rule of 3 theories for each concept):

o       Introduction

§  Overview of organization

§  Type of Organization – vertical, horizontal, etc.

§  Organizational Chart

o   THE HUMAN Relations Theory

§  Zaremba ch 2 Taylor/ Fayol /Hawthorne / McGregor /Maslow

§  Zaremba ch 3 Peters and Waterman / Systems / Critical/ Feminism


§  Time & Distance/Business Etiquette (Guffy Ch11)

§  /communication culture (Ch 7 Zaremba)

§  /Teamwork/Crisis Management (Ch 10 Zaremba 3rd edition)


(Ch 11 Zaremba and Guffy Ch 1) High context or low context culture/barriers/ overcoming barriers


Zaremba Ch 4 Employing Ethical Yardsticks: Four Rulers for Consideration and Strategic Ambiguity

Each theory should have three examples.

o   The Last Page should summarize the organization case analysis identifying key concepts

o    Works Cited Page

Grammar and style.  Papers must be written in proper English.  Avoid colloquialisms, slang, contractions, sexist language, etc.  Good grammar and appropriate style are essential; papers using poor grammar and style will lose points.  Write in a narrative style; third person probably will be best, but use "I" when you refer to your thoughts, interpretations, observations, opinions, etc. 

SAMPLE Executive Summary

The organization selected is Cool Sonic International, Inc., which operates its headquarters in California and a subsidiary in Australia.  The company produces automotive audio amplifiers designed to be placed in the door compartments and the rear deck thereby providing space in the dash for other components i.e. GPS, cell phone, computer, DVD, etc.

The human relations model is based on a combination of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and McGregor’s Y Theory.  Although each department has specific tasks, the overall approach focuses on the goals of the organization and the variety of methods to reach each of the goals.   The engineering and marketing departments have the greatest flexibility in determining the approach to completing their projects.  The Controller is required to follow certain federal, state, local, and business requirements, which limits their flexibility and yet the team appears to enjoy their jobs.

Communication is a major issue as the time zones are not the same.  California is half way through its work day before Australia begins working, and it is the next day for Australia.  The “tyranny-of-distance” is overcome with frequent emails and teleconferences, with occasional in-country visits.

There are intercultural issues. Culturally there is a clash between the marketing department in the USA and engineering department in Australia.  The USA pace is faster than the Australians which tends to be “NO WORRIES MATE!”  

Ethically the company has some trust concerns.  The headquarter company is structured separately from the subsidiary, which is located in Australia, with each company complying with separate federal, state, and local regulations.  Although the Chair and the President are represented on each Board of Directors, there is uneasiness with the relationship. 

All of the departments recognize the objective of the company is to produce an audio amplifier which supports the next generation sound system.  Cool Sonic International, Inc. continues to strive to build a Class D audio amplifier for the automotive industry.

                                                             Integrative Case Analysis

SAMPLE Executive Summary

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