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Managing Team Conflict

You are the project manager for a large multi-national project. Team members live in three different time zones and on three different continents. While all speak fluent English, there are many communication issues, most arising from the schedules of different team members. It has been difficult to get project updates and to interact with the various members of the team because of the differences in time and location. You created a communication plan, but most of the team has ignored it in favor of sending all issues, work products, and updates via email.

•  Identify which of the six conflict-handling modes discussed in Chapter 6 (confrontation, compromise, smoothing, forcing, withdrawal, and collaborating) would be the best approach to resolving the current conflict. •  What should be done to address the communication issues? •  What can be done to enforce use of the communication plan? •  What measure will you use to determine if these changes are successful?Reference:  Schwalbe, K. (2015). An Introduction to Project Management (5th ed). Minneapolis, MN: Schwalbe Publishing.

Write a 3-page paper in Word format. Use the American Psychological Association (APA) style (6th edition) for writing your assignment.

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